Graduated from Melies animation school in Paris in 2010, Loic has alternated between the animation and video game worlds for 6 years, working mainly as a concept artist in both industries and directing two successful indie short films on his free time.

This allowed him to work on many different projects, on many different positions, from realistic environment concept artists on Ghost recon future soldier at Ubisoft, to art director of cartoon mobile video game Fire Quest at Supamonks Studio, illustrator and cinematic director for indie game SpellStrike and BattleTech for Harebrained Schemes, freelance concept artist for Platige Image and others, Director/Supervisor on animation short film Space cat Hob at Delapost Paris, and VFX short film Strange alloy at Supamonks studio.

His main focus is to build credible, immersive and nature inspired worlds.
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