Our Lead Programmer and CTO. During the last 18 years, 7 as a freelancer, Sven worked as programmer and system engineer for companies and on projects of all kind of sizes. His was mostly working on Playstation and PC games and web development. Notable employers include Piranha game, T-Systems, Arvato, StudiVZ.

While most of the time he wasn't working on games he was always interested in doing game development and worked on games in his free time, mostly exploring the capabilities of graphics programming and other smaller projects.

Notable (hobby) projects include: Startorn, where he worked with another programmer to write their own 3d engine for a space sim. Project Hull-Breach as lead programmer which started as a HL2 mod. Hull Breach managed to get a large following, but due to the growth of the project and the inability to find enough investment the project was put indefinite hold. Sven also worked on ChessBrain as a graphics programmer. ChessBrain is a distributed chess computer which held, and probably still holds, the Guinness world record for "the largest networked chess computer".
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