Justin French
Founder / CEO / Creative Director / Audio Our Creative Director, Audio expert and Studio Lead. Over 8 Years’ experience in the Industry. He has worked for both SideUK and OMUK on multiple AAA games as well as providing freelance audio, design, project management and creative direction services to several Indie studios. He's worked on games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Warhammer: Space Marine, The Witcher 2, Fable 3 and Broken Sword 5 among many others.
Sven Herrmann
CTO / Tools and Network Programmer During the last 18 years, Sven worked as programmer and system engineer for companies and on projects of all kinds. He has worked on Playstation and PC games and web development. Notable employers include Piranha games,T-Systems, Arvato, StudiVZ. Sven's passion for exploring DSP programming and pushing the limits and capabilities of graphics programming. Notable projects include: Startorn, where he worked on their 3d engine for a space sim. Project Hull-Breach as lead programmer which started as a HL2 mod. Hull Breach managed to get a large following, but due to the growth of the project and the inability to find enough investment the project was put indefinite hold. Sven also worked on ChessBrain as a graphics programmer. ChessBrain is a distributed chess computer which held, and probably still holds, the Guinness world record for "the largest networked chess computer".
Milcho Milchev
Lead Designer / Gameplay Programmer Gameplay and UI Programmer, Milcho has been programming for seven years, four of which spent in the industry. He started working with Dream Harvest while still at University. After graduating he managed to be the runner up to Aardvark Swift's Search For A Star two years in a row before finding a full time position at Edge Case Games to work on Fractured Space. Milcho continues to work on Failure at Dream Harvest during evenings and weekends. Having worked on countless prototypes, including the one for Failure, has helped him understand why and how games tick. Milcho has worked on games such as Unholy Flesh (Text adventure) and WhiteCity (City destruction tycoon) and has even contributed to the programming community by writing a C++ book - SFML Essentials.
Loic Bramoulle
Art Director / Game Designer Graduated from Melies animation school in Paris in 2010, Loic has alternated between the animation and video game worlds for 6 years, working mainly as a concept artist in both industries and directing two successful indie short films on his free time. This allowed him to work on many different projects, on many different positions, from realistic environment concept artists on Ghost recon future soldier at Ubisoft, to art director of cartoon mobile video game Fire Quest at Supamonks Studio, illustrator and cinematic director for indie game SpellStrike and BattleTech for Harebrained Schemes, freelance concept artist for Platige Image and others, Director/Supervisor on animation short film Space cat Hob at Delapost Paris, and VFX short film Strange alloy at Supamonks studio. His main focus is to build credible, immersive and nature inspired worlds.
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